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Snowy Owl, Arctic Owl, Great White Owl, (Bubo scandiacus)

This yellow-eyed white bird is easily recognizeable. It is 53-65 cm (20-26 inches) long with a 125-150 cm (50-60 in)
wingspan. The adult male is virtually pure white, but females and young birds have some dark scalloping; the young
are heavily barred, and dark spotting may even predominate. Its thick plumage, heavily-feathered feet, and coloration
render the Snowy Owl well-adapted for life north of the Arctic Circle.

Snowy Owls winter south through Canada and northernmost Eurasia, with irruptions occurring further
south in some years. They have been reported as far south as Texas, Georgia, the American Gulf states,
southern Russia, northern China and even the Caribbean.

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The Snowy Owl is the official bird of the province of Quebec Canada. - Disclaimer - Copyright

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