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News 10:07 July 2020:

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What normally attracts you each time you see a nice You Tube video?  Is it the number of views or just how interesting the video is?  Just like any social media platform, numbers play greatly on the video sharing platforms and if you have never known; it will dictate greatly whether you make it out there or not.   Are you sure that each time you post a video people get to watch it.  Don’t be fooled rarely do people get view the same.  Don’t get stuck with things that are not worthy, choose to buy Automatic Likes and views see the difference it makes.

Just like with any social media platform, numbers really matter and let nobody lie to you.  Just as an example, if you receive a video with 5000 likes and one with 10 likes which would you go for.  The answer lies with you but I am made to believe you would go for the first option.  Have you ever wondered why that is so?  Simple viewers are made to believe that the more numbers one has the better the product.  This is not rocket science and anyone can understand the reasons behind the same. 

Currently as many of you know, there are many social media platforms and most people have accounts in these.  It is not a bad thing to do so, but what doe these accounts really mean to you?  Are they for socializing, business or whatever?   Do you know that as technology gets better it now easy to link some of these accounts like You Tube and Instagram?   Adding such links will help you find a recognition you might not ordinarily have had.  For those who are not able to building a following manually, why not buy Instagram followers and link the two together.

The results are incredible and will help build your popularity online.  Each and everyone I know on the social media platform are dying to have an undisputed audience, which will make them proud.  Friends, family and even foes have one thing when it comes to the social media platform – all yearn to great an admirable online presence on whatever platform they find themselves in.  This is the main reasons why the numbers of those providing such services are on the increase.  It is not an accident.   

Through linking these accounts with You Tube you will be opening up to other followers who had no idea of who you are.  They will do these through watching your videos and interesting wanting to get in touch with you.  This in one way of increasing your following but this is not enough, buying followers will over time want them want to do business with you.  Numbers never lie and have never lied.  So there is absolutely no crime in buying a following when done rightly.  Just keep away from providers that do not seem credit worthy.  Take care before signing the dotted line with such providers.

Over the years there has been a lot of myths on the social media platform regarding buying of you tube videos.  This has scared a lot of people from buying such pertaining that when that is discovered their accounts will be deleted.  This is not true.  People have also been made to believe that it is illegal.  The number of people buying likes and following from the social media platforms is so large that it will amaze you.  Social media platform users have been known to not only buy from you tube but continue to go as far as going to buy Facebook likes.

Another myth that has been going around that bought likes is the same is an absolute lie.  This is something that does not hold water and never will.  How can likes be the same?  You tube bought likes are generic and allow users to comment if there is need.  If such likes are fake as many are made to believe, this would not have happened.   Facebook currently is considered to be one of the largest and fastest growing networks according available study.   It is currently easier to share such videos in the Facebook platform and receive likes.  A lot of You Tube videos have currently found their way into these platforms.

Whether we like it or not, there is no way where users can easily be able avoid using a platform over another.  The accounts are linked in away that the same message finds its ways across these platforms.  Don’t be surprised to find that the video you posted on You Tube is being viewed in Facebook; this is a common occurrence and interesting.  If you want you video to go viral fast, don’t shy away to buy views and followers.

There is so much that goes into the background that nobody every gets to tell you.   Those on these platforms have come to appreciate the co-sharing of information and why it’s important for the public image and for marketers.  The short videos on Instagram have found their way into these platforms thereby giving users a reason to buy Instagram Likes.  Just like the other platforms, liking is the in thing and one should not be fooled that they are not interconnected.  Technology in the 21st century has made it easier than ever for users to share information from different social media platform.  You too can enjoy the great benefits that come with these.

Finally, there is a lot of success that using the media platform comes with.  It is faster and covers a wide range of people.  The days of queuing in a booth to pass important message is over.  Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, just to name a few, any message can be passed to the growing audience on these platforms at any given time.  It is therefore an easier way to socialize, market, and pass message all across the board.  Buying likes and following should not be an issue.  If you are on Twitter and want to increase recognition there is absolutely nothing wrong with being able to buy Twitter follower.